Your Employee Engagement app

Engage your workforce and build a strong culture.

Collect feedback and ideas from the ground. Measure and reward engagement. 

Give your content the engagement it deserves

Foster interactions to unify your workforce

Ensure that employees can easily be part of the company’s communication and interact with others.
Employee recognition is key to boosting engagement and reducing turnover

Build the right kind of recognition program


Engage through play

Launch internal challenges to increase workforce achievment and reward employees to better involve them in the general business objectives.

Foster top-down recognition

Top management can reward employees using points, customized badges, or a reforestation program when they support company initiatives and successes.

Enable peer recognition

Create your own praise with designed badges, or select an existing one provided by platform admins and send it to your colleagues to show how much you appreciate them.
An employee survey is your best friend for a better workplace

Take the pulse of your teams

Get real insights on your employee moral and enable actions to reduce turnover if needed.

Design your survey

Design the appearance to match your corporate guideline and set the submission process (e.g. anonymous answers, shared results, opening and closing dates, etc.)

Target your audiences

Target which employee will receive the survey thanks to rule combinations that give you more flexibility in defining your audiences as a platform administrator.

Promote your survey

Generate engagement by notifying employees that a new survey is ready and that their input is required. You can also highlight the survey by pining it on top of the user feed.

Analyze results

Get insights on survey answers with an analytics dashboard. Anticipate actions to manage problems in the best way, and maintain a productive working atmosphere.
Employee engagement is measurable, you can monitor it

Create a data-driven engagement strategy

Measure employee engagement for a more motivated and inspired workforce.
Sociabble Website – Employee Advocacy platform – Make data-driven decisions

Analyze your content

Get insights on what content generates the most engagement to best promote key initiatives and improve your content strategy.

Spot the most involved ones

View activity and engagement by department and location to understand which groups need more support.

Drive self-motivation

Motivate employees with individual performance monitoring and get access to a personal dashboard with activity log and content engagement metrics.

Sociabble user satisfaction ratings on G2 for analytics:

92% Engagement tracking
Tracks the number of visits, likes, and reshares of posted content.
92% KPI Tracking
Allows employees to set KPIs for themselves that they can track.
91% Trends
Tracks trends such as which social channels are performing well and which news sources are trending.
An outsanding company culture drives more engagement and less turnover

Build a strong company culture

Make your employees proud to work for your brand by highlighting your company values.