Security & Privacy

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They put their trust with us

Over the 9 years of operation Sociabble has seen the number of companies who choose us as a companion keeps rising. From the strict regulations of cybersecurity and banking to the need for reaching disconnected workers of retail and mining, our solution keeps proving itself as a secured solution across diverse environments.

As trust doesn’t exclude control, we’re regularly audited using penetration tests by our clients and independent audit firms.

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We protect your data at all times

While a global company with a presence on several continents and clients from all over the globe, we retain our French DNA. Being born from the same nation as the GDPR’s ruling institution, we pride ourselves in operating with privacy by design, notably with our content and user automated archiving and deletion cycles, our Smart Offboarding feature, and more features allowing personal data to be kept to the required minimum and easily anonymized when obsolete.

Beyond personal information, all of your data is consistently encrypted, both in transit and at rest, and our clients remain the sole Data Controller of their instance, meaning that any and all data circulating within the boundaries of their Sociabble space belongs to them and them only.


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A trusted ally since the beginning

Our very first project was with Microsoft, and we’ve built our solution on their tried and trusted Azure architecture in order to offer the best service possible, right from the cloud. As a staple amongst Tech giants, if the positive testimony from hosting {verif} 99% of the world’s collaboration apps and counting {verif} billions of users on Teams isn’t sufficient, their extensively available information regarding their {link} datacenter security, {link} industry-recognized certifications and {link} top-of-the-line architecture convinced us, amongst several other criteria.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, and as a SaaS hosted on Azure, we therefore offer the same level of security as they do with our solution, guaranteeing the best there is to offer in terms of infrastructure.


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We’re always there for you

As a SaaS, without any on-premise installation or local setup needed, our solution is available to your community as soon as it’s launched, for current and future members. With our fully redundant architecture based in two separate geographic regions , we’ve always offered our clients a reliable platform, with availability consistently averaging over {verif} 99.99% monthly. We’ve also established a strong resilience through this paired system..

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Would you like to know more?

This is but the tip of what we offer in terms of security and privacy with Sociabble. If you’re interested to know more, {link} contact our team and we’ll organize the right response for your needs, be it official documentation, a meeting or a demo. Looking forward to work with you!