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Our Story

Sociabble was born in 2014, but the real story actually begins at the very dawn of the Internet, in 1994.

Jean-Louis Bénard, still an engineering student, co-founded FRA with two friends, one of the first web development agencies in France. With more than 100 employees, FRA deployed the first e-commerce platforms for companies like Carrefour and Picard. This first entrepreneurial adventure ended with the acquisition of the agency in 2001 by Business Interactif (Digitas), one of the subsidiaries of Publicis Group.

In 2003, Jean-Louis started a new project. He created Brainsonic, one of the leading independent digital agencies in Paris. In 2014, Microsoft France, one of Brainsonic’s main clients, found itself looking for a solution to engage 600 employees on social networks.

The idea of developing a simple and intuitive Employee Advocacy platform was born. The first version of Sociabble was launched!


Our Vision

Many companies are struggling with employee communication. Company news is not considered a priority for their employees. They have deserted intranets. They don’t read email newsletters.

Corporate social networks, on the other hand, promote project collaboration but do not allow the company to prioritize and personalize internal communications. LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and other social networks are dominating employees’ free time, including the golden 5-minute break.

The fact is, digital transformation and employee engagement start with well-informed employees. We believe that it is possible for companies to win back those five free minutes, and create an informed, engaged, and influential workforce.


Our Solution

We provide the right tool to inform and engage employees thanks to a large panel of innovative features.

Engaging and relevant content coming from multiple sources (user-generated, third-party, internal). An easy “mobile first” experience that makes information accessible to all—including frontline workers who may not have a desktop work station or professional email address. The ability for employees to become influencers on social networks with one-click sharing features. These are some of the ingredients for effective employee communication.

Additionally, a successful approach must also involve multiple points of contact: mobile notifications, email alerts, intranet widgets, display screens, integration with the company’s social networks—all so your news app is the first thing on your employees’ minds as they reach for their mobile devices.

Since 2014, Sociabble has been helping companies like yours to inform employees, engage them, and make them the best ambassadors on social networks.


Key Dates

Creation of Sociabble
Creation of Sociabble by Jean-Louis Bénard and Laurent Gauthier. Signing of Microsoft Corp on a worldwide deployment of 15,000 employees.
A Global Company
Creation of APAC and US subsidiaries, opening of offices in Mumbai and Boston.
Leader in Internal Communication
Sociabble makes Internal Communication one of the major pillars of its offer. World-renowned companies such as Coca Cola CCEP, Primark, L'Occitane en Provence or AXA Group.
Best Internal Communication Solutions
First mention in the Gartner report "Employee Communication Guide", selection of the best internal communication solutions for companies.
Acquisition of SociallyUp and SociallyMap
Reinforcement of Sociabble's leading position in the Employee Advocacy market.
Recognized as Best Workplace 2023
After obtaining the Great Place to Work label in 2022, Sociabble is recognized as Best Workplace 2023 among all the companies already labeled.

Our Clients

Sociabble is currently used in over 180 countries, by some of the world’s most prestigious companies, including industry leaders like Coca Cola CCEP, AT&T, Renault Group, Generali, and L’Occitane en Provence.

Hundreds of thousands of employees use Sociabble all over the world, on a daily basis, to stay up to date on their company’s news.

Many have become truly engaged employees as well as great ambassadors.

Allianz France
Coca Cola
Renault Group
Tata Consultancy Services
Vinci Energies

Our Evolution as a Company


Creation of Sociabble

Based on its initial success, the solution attracted the attention of Microsoft corporate headquarters, which decided to extend the scope of the project to 15,000 employees worldwide. Propelled by this first enthusiastic customer, Sociabble quickly became a business unit, then a subsidiary, and finally an autonomous company in its own right.


Leader in Internal Communication

In 2018, the company augmented its strategy. After all, how could employees be engaged and transformed into ambassadors if they were not properly informed? Faced with this issue, new features (e.g. dynamic newsletters, multi-language translation, etc.) were developed to better meet the internal communication challenges of large, global corporations. Companies such as Coca Cola CCEP, L’Occitane en Provence, and AXA Group decided to deploy Sociabble to connect all their employees, both in the field (in factories, stores, and agencies) and in the office.


Best Internal Communication Solutions

In 2019, Sociabble was listed for the first time among the best solutions in its market in the “Employee Communication Guide” report of the leading software research and analysis firm Gartner. The solution continues to be regularly audited and mentioned by analysts such as Gartner, Forrester, Lecko, and Clearbox, as well as by its customers via G2, which positions it as one of the key market leaders.


Acquisition of SociallyUp and SociallyMap

In 2022, Sociabble acquired the Alhena group, publisher of SociallyMap and SociallyUp solutions. This first acquisition strengthened Sociabble’s position as a leader in the Employee Advocacy market. It also marked a turning point in its history. In addition to its organic growth, the company now plans to acquire other companies with complementary synergies in the coming years.

A Global Company

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