Case Studies

~ 1 min

Internal Comms + DE&I : How To Make Them Work Together?

Masters of Comms is proud to host Advita Patel, Director & Founder of CommsRebel, where she is in the unique…

~ 1 min

Why storytelling is so important to your Corporate Comms strategy

In this episode, Masters of Comms welcomes Sam Bleazard, Employer Brand Content Producer at Fortnum & Mason, a role that…

Employee Advocacy ~ 5 min

How Freshworks’ Salesforce Became Social Selling Champions

Freshworks breaks the mold in the CRM market by becoming social selling champions. Discover their Social Selling journey.

Social Selling ~ 7 min

Finastra Sets a Leading Example in Social Selling

One of the largest fintech companies in the world, Finastra is scaling the Sociabble Employee Advocacy Platform for Advocates at…

sociabble exterion media case study
Employee Advocacy ~ 3 min

ExterionMedia Places Employees at the Forefront of Internal Communication

ExterionMedia chose to implement Sociabble, a platform that centralizes all internal communication channels, and allows users to create content by…

Employee Communications ~ 8 min

Edenred reinvents its internal communications for its 10 000 employees

How to break down the barriers between 10 000 employees in four months?

sociabble defi wind case study
Brand Advocacy ~ 3 min

Défi Wind Launches Sociabble4Fans and Gathers 1 400 Windsurfers

Défi Wind, The World’s Largest Windsurfing, Event Launches Sociabble4Fans 1 400 windsurfers, thousands of fans, unlimited reach.

Sociabble BNP Paribas BDDF case study
Digital Transformation ~ 3 min

BNP Paribas BDDF Entreprises Leads the Way in Social Business within Financial Services

For BNP Paribas BDDF Entreprises, the combination of dedicated social media training and the Sociabble platform was intended to facilitate…

Sociabble BBGR Case study
Digital Transformation ~ 7 min

BBGR Sets an Innovative Example of Internal Communication in the Factory

With innovative and interactive internal communication, optical lens manufacturer BBGR successfully integrates the Nikon brand into its company.

Auriège Sociabble Brand Advocacy Platform
Brand Advocacy ~ 2 min

Auriège Drives Social Selling and Social Recruitment with its Brand Advocacy Platform

By sharing pertinent content with their social media contacts, Beauty Advisors leverage the power of word of mouth to attract…

Drapeaux Allianz
Digital Transformation ~ 3 min

Allianz France Launches a Social Wall to Boost the Visibility of Brand Content and Internal Communication

In order to create an additional window into brand content and drive internal communication, Allianz France has launched a Social…

Toshiba TFIS
Social Selling ~ 5 min

Toshiba TFIS Quickly Engages B2B Sales Teams in a Successful Social Selling Initiative

As part of its digital strategy, the company wanted to boost the visibility of these offers on social media, and…