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Twitter Releases New Resources on How to #TweetSmarter and #TestSmarter

Launching successful sponsored campaigns is a challenge; especially one that involves deciding what content to promote, via which messages, among which audiences and on which social networks.

Two new ressources on Twitter

In order to help users make the most of sponsored content on the platform, Twitter has released two new resources.

Based on the results of thousands of sponsored campaigns and produced in partnership with Hubspot, these guides offer advice and tips on how to make the most of Twitter as a paid advertising medium.


The first resource, #TweetSmarter, shows users how to create an effective sponsored campaign by exploring areas such as creative best practices and simple testing methods.


The second, #TestSmarter, goes into more detail on A/B testing; offering guidelines on how to determine which content resonates most with target audiences and maximize ROI. Click here to download #TweetSmarter and #TestSmarter.

When it comes to content marketing, paid media is just one slice of the pie; companies need to embrace other communication strategies in order to maintain a share of the voice on social networks.

Discover how to boost sponsored campaigns and organic social media activity through brand advocacy.