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The Fight Against Deforestation: Sociabble Trees & CSR

Rebuilding our planet’s damaged forests is one of the most effective ways to fight C02 emissions and reduce global warming. Sociabble Trees is a CSR rewards and employee engagement program that helps companies do just that, while playing an important role in the fight against deforestation. Sociabble gives companies ways to stop deforestation.

Carbon dioxide emissions are the largest contributing factor  toward global warming, one of the most serious problems and challenges we as human beings face. Again and again, scientists have identified the reduction of C02 emissions as a critical step in halting global warming. And one of the most effective ways of accomplishing this is through fighting against deforestation and replanting diverse forests around the world.

Sociabble Trees is a CSR rewards program that empowers companies to increase employee engagement while planting trees in fragile ecosystems all over the world.

Stop deforestation is a crucial measure in reducing carbon emissions.

Since 2016, our planet has lost an average of 28 million hectares of forest per year. That’s an area roughly the size of a football field gone every second. These are forests that harbor 80% of all terrestrial species on our planet, and that act essentially as carbon sponges, absorbing carbon dioxide from our atmosphere.

Aside from decimating biodiversity, the destruction of forests, coupled with rising C02 emissions, means that global warming will only continue to get worse without intervention. The fewer trees there are on the planet, the more C02 and heat will be added to the atmosphere, affecting our planet’s climate in ways that are already being felt.

fight against deforestation

Ways to stop deforestation: Planting trees responsibly can help reverse the trend of global warming.

One solution to the problem is to replace damaged areas with reforestation initiatives—essentially rebuilding degraded forests by planting trees in a way that respects biodiversity and native species, to heal local ecosystems and reduce C02 emissions. One study even proposed that increasing the earth’s forests by an area the size of the United States would cut atmospheric carbon dioxide by 25%. Which is important given that 40 billion tons of CO2 are added to the atmosphere every day because of fossil fuels. And to offset the carbon of just one person, 360 trees are needed. So obviously, there is lots of work to be done, but with a smart initiative, we all can make a difference. Reforestation, when done correctly, is an effective solution.

Sociabble Trees is a CSR program that can make a difference.

One avenue for joining the fight against deforestation  is to create group action by getting employees involved. Corporations are a great place to start. In fact, office-based employees generate on average between 3 and 3.6 tons of CO2 equivalent each year. But to offset that, only 36 dollars a year are required, which is only 3 dollars a month per employee, to reduce the carbon footprint. And this is well within almost any company’s reach. Which is precisely why Sociabble decided to get involved.

We partnered with Tree Nation, an organization that specializes in reforestation initiatives around the globe, to create Sociabble Trees. We believe that it is one of the ways to stop deforestation.

It’s a feature embedded in the Sociabble Employee Communication platform that allows companies to reward employees and increase their engagement, by offering trees planted in their name, in a manner that respects the biodiversity of local ecosystems. Individuals can monitor their own success tree by tree, and see how they are contributing overall to their own company’s corporate forest.

ways to stop deforestation

Sociabble Trees, in partnership with Tree Nation, helps reforest vulnerable areas in countries around the world.

Ideas for CSR campaigns with Sociabble Trees.

At its essence, Sociabble Trees rewards employees for their engagement with company communications by planting trees in their name, in forests of your choice. But the reward feature can be used in a number of ways that benefit both the natural environment, and employee engagement at your company.

For example, with Sociabble Trees, you can:

  • Have a standard campaign where employees are rewarded for engagement. I.e. give 1 tree for every piece of content they create, or for every 5 pieces of content that they share.
  • Launch a campaign to distribute trees based on employee birthdays or work anniversaries. I.e. “Happy birthday, we’ve planted 1 tree in your name to celebrate,” or “Congratulations on 5 years at the company, we’ve planted 5 trees in your name!”
  • Start a campaign where you distribute trees for clients based on a business anniversary. I.e. “To celebrate 10 years of partnership, we’re giving 10 trees for every employee!”
  • Automate the distribution of 2 trees per month to every employee, in addition to rewarding engagement with content on the platform, as a great way to offset the carbon impact of each individual.

These are just a few ideas—the possibilities are virtually endless when it comes to ways you can use Sociabble Trees to fight deforestation while boosting employee engagement.

Fighting deforestation with Sociabble Trees

Sociabble Trees gets your employees involved to stop deforestation in a way that’s fun and boosts engagement.

And Sociabble Trees is just a start when it comes to CSR and communications.

There are plenty of employee communication platforms out there, but the CSR features embedded within Sociabble are what set it apart. Beyond Sociabble Trees, Sociabble also offers “Support My Cause,” a module that puts the power to choose relevant CSR initiatives in the hands of employees, and allows them to monitor their own success when it comes to helping their community, their country, and our planet.

Companies that have used Sociabble’s built-in CSR features include Volvo, Crédit Agricole, L’Occitane, MMA, Orange Business Services, Verizon Media, Groupe Renault, Tata Realty, Sidetrade, and Ardian.

If you’d like to learn how your organization can boost its employee communication and its CSR activities, both at the same time, drop us a line—we’re always happy to chat. To talk to a representative about Sociabble Trees or the Sociabble platform in general, just click to schedule a free demo.