Internal Communication ~ 3 min

Employees Working from Home: Use Sociabble for Your Internal Communication

As you may know, Sociabble is a social employee platform intended to cover the most important communication scenarios for any organization. With informed, engaged, and influential employees, your company can work efficiently and truly shine on social networks.  If you’ve been following us on SB Heroes, you’re probably already aware of Sociabble’s potential when it comes to Employee Advocacy and Social Selling programs, and we thank you for being part of this success!

But have you considered the possibilities when the platform is connected to all your employees?  The health crisis we are experiencing has completely changed the working order at many companies. With employees confined at home by the hundreds or even thousands, the dissemination of information in companies, as well as its reception, presents a new challenge for communication departments. 

With Sociabble, our clients benefit from a number of features that both enhance and simplify their internal communications.

Our customers who use Sociabble for their Internal Communication benefit from many features which energize and simplify two-way exchanges in the company, such as:

Optimize your internal communication with these features

  • Web and mobile accessibility for all employees of the company, whether they have a professional account or not  
  • Targeted messages to specific groups in the organization. For example, to communicate differently with populations who are teleworking vs. those who remain in factories  
  • Automatic translation of publications to ensure the assimilation of health guidelines in all regions of your organization  
  • Openness to user content and comments, to promote cross-functional and upward communication  
  • Automatic or manual creation of advanced Newsletters, in order to distribute a selection of the most important messages on your adaptation to the Covid-19 crisis  
  • Creation of themed channels to address specific (and possibly temporary) subjects, and give them a particular emphasis  
  • Implementation of challenges (gamification) to encourage the adoption of best practices and reward the top users  

And many others…  Of course, in this scenario, Sociabble continues to provide you with perfect visibility into the performance of your communication.

The dashboards and the data they contain provide you with real-time information on employee consultation and engagement around your communication content. 

If you think Sociabble can help you effectively manage your internal communication in the context of the current situation, don’t hesitate to contact your CSM now!