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Sociabble Trees: Play a Part in Helping Our Planet

The planet could use a little bit of help, and the recent fires in Amazonia as well as Africa should serve as a reminder. In August alone, close to 26,000 fires were reported in the forests of South America, an 82% increase from the previous year. Some estimates put the damage at over 4.6 million acres of forest that have been destroyed.

This, when one thing almost all scientists agree on is that trees are the first line of defense in the face of climate change; one study even proposed that increasing the earth’s forests by an area the size of the United States would cut atmospheric carbon dioxide by 25%.

Which is important given that 40 billion tons of CO2 are added to the atmosphere every day because of fossil fuels. The carbon dioxide absorption properties of forests make them sponges which can help offset the rise in emissions that is affecting our planet.

Companies can make the difference.

Many governments around the world are doing their best to help with reforestation efforts, but not everyone can afford to focus on these kinds of initiatives—especially given that the matter goes well beyond the borders of any one country. And since it is a global problem, it is important to think in broader, global terms. Which is why the private economy sphere must pitch in and act.

It’s important to think of reforestation as a collective solution to a collective problem, and one where everyone can play a role. Relying on governments alone is not enough. Corporations can make a tremendous difference—especially when they harness the power of their own employees’ engagement and enthusiasm to help drive the project.

It’s time to get engaged. Both in the office, and beyond.

At Sociabble, we want to be part of this global effort to help the environment through reforestation.

Which is why we launched Sociabble Trees, a non-profit initiative that rewards employee engagement at the office by planting real, CO2-absorbing trees all around the world.

The principle is simple: when employees do something positive at their company, like creating content or sharing a helpful article, they are rewarded with a Sociabble Tree—a symbolic tree point that means a tree will be planted on their behalf. They can see the kind of tree, and where it has been planted, and even keep tabs on their own company’s collective virtual forest.

In this way, companies can align business interests—having engaged and motivated employees—with meaningful rewards that can help save the planet, at scale. And the fact of the matter is, employees appreciate rewards that matter. Gift certificates and bar nights are nice, but most employees want to feel that they’re empowering positive change in the world.

And what better way than by helping the planet by planting trees? CSR activities related to environment can make a difference.

3 good reasons to plant trees with your employees:

  1. The implementation of Sociabble Trees is quick and easy. You set a budget for planting trees, and then you decide, in just a few clicks, the rules for offering trees as a reward for your employees.
  2. Each tree has a unique ID that is easily shared by the employees. Employees can consult their digital forest, and that of their company, at any time.
  3. Employees are well-aware that trees are one of the major solutions for dealing with global warming. Some of them, already have environmental awareness. Participating in planting trees is a positive step that everyone can be proud of.

An initiative that’s truly global in scale.

To get Sociabble Trees off the ground, we partnered with Tree-Nation, a company devoted to reforestation initiatives, and with extensive experience with CSR activities related to environmental issues.

Together, we’re planting trees in 60 projects all over the world, helping to reforest a host of landscapes and natural habitats. By collaborating with Tree-Nation, Sociabble Trees is able to track the collective CO2 compensation and give participating employees a direct look at how many trees they’ve contributed, and how much CO2 they’ve helped remove from the atmosphere, in forests that can be located anywhere from Brazil to Madagascar to Tanzania to Spain.

This is a global initiative, truly aimed at helping the planet—not just one region or country. And it is a project with a visible, measurable impact.

The positive effects are not vague or indeterminate—they can be viewed in terms of number of trees, areas reforested, and carbon offset.

And the movement is growing by the day.

With Sociabble Trees, the list is growing constantly of companies that are participating in the program and rewarding their employees with the planting of trees.

To date, company forests are being planted by industry leaders like L’Occitane, PwC, Carrefour, SmartTrade, Avivia, Ardian, and Acumatica—all of whom have incorporated the program into their daily employee communications initiatives.

By partnering with Sociabble Trees, their employees are given a positive, meaningful motivation for staying engaged with the latest company news, and to actively participate in the company’s communication strategy. Trees can even be gifted, to reward employees for their years of service, or as a holiday present or special bonus.

There’s no limit or end to how companies can use the reward program to engage their workforce, and make them feel good about that engagement in the process.

How can you get involved? Just get in touch.

If your company likes the idea of rewarding employee engagement with real trees—we’d love to chat.

We can explain how the Sociabble Trees program can be implemented within your own communication strategy. Or even if you’re interested in simply learning more about how Sociabble can assist companies with internal communication, employee advocacy, and social selling, we’re happy to hear from you.

Sociabble is an integrated communications platform designed to help companies take their communication to a whole new level. And with Sociabble Trees, you can do it while also knowing you’re doing something good for the planet, too.

To learn more about Sociabble Trees, or other CSR activities related to environment, click here. To schedule a free demo and learn more about the Sociabble platform, click here.