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Carbon Offset: A Big Thank You to Our Sociabble Trees Participating Clients

We are living in a time when decisions we make now will drastically affect the future of our planet. This is why we would like to thank our clients that have supported some important carbon offset programs, utilizing our Sociabble Trees feature to contribute toward reforestation and helping the environment.

Sociabble¬†Trees¬†is a CSR program built into the¬†Sociabble¬†platform that allows clients to reward employees through the planting of real trees around the world, thanks to a partnership with Tree-Nation.¬†Participating companies can monitor their own ‚Äúcorporate forest‚ÄĚ and watch their progress as employees earn¬†new trees.¬†


Sociabble Trees: A Way to Reward Employees and Help the Planet Thanks to the Carbon Offset

Trees¬†are¬†not¬†just nice to look at‚ÄĒthey‚Äôre essential to the health of our planet, and¬†the first line of defense in the face of climate change. One study even proposed that increasing the earth‚Äôs forests by an area the size of the United States would cut atmospheric carbon dioxide by 25%.¬†Which is important given that 40 billion tons of CO2¬†are added to the atmosphere every day because of fossil fuels.¬†

The carbon dioxide absorption properties of forests make them sponges which can help¬†offset the rise of¬†carbon¬†emissions, affecting our planet.¬†And to offset the carbon of just one person, 360 trees are needed. So obviously,¬†there is¬†lots of work to be done.¬†And it goes both ways‚ÄĒstudies have¬†shown¬†that employees who are given the chance to engage with charitable giving via their work are happier than those who do not.¬†Working toward positive change is beneficial for all.

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This was what inspired us at Sociabble to create a program that rewarded employee engagement and helped with reforestation efforts. Last year, we partnered with Tree-Nation to create the Sociabble Trees program, a feature built-in to our communication platform that allows companies to reward employees with actual trees planted in over 60 forests around the world.

And 2020 has been a banner year for the program, with companies joining in and adopting the environmental initiative. We would like to take this opportunity to thank those companies that have participated in this program over the past year and helped improve the health of our planet in the process: Volvo, Crédit Agricole, L’Occitane, MMA, Orange Business Services, Verizon Media, Groupe Renault, and many others.

Strong examples include Tata Realty, Sidetrade, and Ardian, early champions of the initiative. Their early commitment to the program has served as a positive example of how companies can put social responsibility in the hands of their employees, with the entire organization working together toward making the world a better place.

Tata Realty Drives Engagement with its own Carbon Offset Program

One of our clients that led the charge this past year was Tata Realty.

During a merger, when employee communication was¬†crucial, they saw the opportunity to positively impact employee engagement and¬†their¬†carbon¬†footprint, both at the same time. According to¬†Reena Wahi, Senior Vice President of HR, CSR, and Business Excellence at the company, ‚ÄúSociabble¬†Trees has helped us achieve two objectives‚ÄĒemployee engagement and sustainability, both of which are extremely important to the TATA group.‚Ä̬†

In fact, during their Tata Realty Sustainability Month, they were able to plant over 600 trees just during that four-week period. A success for the company, for employees, but most importantly, our planet.


Sidetrade Employees Rise to the Challenge of Carbon Offsetting to Help the Environment

Sidetrade normally specializes in using AI to help companies improve revenue and optimize working capital. But they know the importance of helping the environment by improving their carbon offset as well, and they wanted to give their employees the chance to get involved.

They relied on the spirit of friendly competition and rising to every challenge that existed at the company to encourage their employees to earn and plant as many trees as possible via the Sociabble Trees/Tree-Nation feature.

According to¬†Christelle Dhrif, the company‚Äôs Chief Communication Officer and Brand Ambassador: ‚ÄúSidetrade¬†staff are always up for a challenge. And when the challenge is reforestation,¬†it is¬†especially meaningful.¬†Sidetraders¬†are proud to support Tree-Nation.‚ÄĚ



Ardian Triples Employee Engagement with Sociabble Trees

An international investment fund based in France, Ardian is one of the first companies in their sector to have adopted environmental criteria in managing operations.

By choosing to reward the most engaged employees on its Sociabble platform with trees planted all over the world, rather than with traditional rewards (an iPad, for example), Ardian has gained 30% more users on the platform. Meanwhile, user engagement has also tripled thanks to the initiative. And as a result, reach on social networks has also tripled as well.

With more committed employees, a more visible company, and more trees growing on the planet, everybody wins.

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And We Have Even Bigger Expectations for next years

2020 has been a fantastic year for the Sociabble Trees program and carbon offsetting thanks to our dedicated clients, but we are expecting even more positive involvement for next years.

If you are interested in joining these companies and giving your employees the meaningful reward of planting trees in their name, it is easy to get on board. We are happy to chat about the Sociabble Trees rewards program, and even give you a free demonstration if you would like to see how it works. 

The process is easy and can readily be automated,¬†whether it is for internal communications (where users may generate content), employee advocacy, where users participate in distributing content, or quite simply by¬†rewarding¬†high performing¬†employees¬†on¬†company campaigns¬†(surveys, quizzes, trainings, challenges, etc.).¬†Rewards are linked to employee actions, and employees can even see updated visuals of their own ‚Äúcompany forest,‚ÄĚ with information on the local ecosystem and the types of trees that are planted.¬†

Sociabble Trees gets employees involved in a way that’s fun, interactive, and responsible. They will take pride in the role they play in rebuilding a real forest and watching its progress.


Sociabble Trees is Part of a Larger Communication Platform

The Sociabble Trees feature is just one part of the larger Sociabble platform, which is designed as a solution to a company’s Employee Communication, Employee Advocacy, and Social Selling needs. 

CSR initiatives like carbon offset are important to us here at Sociabble, and we’re proud to include features in our platform that empower companies to strive toward making a positive impact in their community and for our planet.


So thank you to our many clients who have supported Sociabble Trees throughout 2020.  And here’s to high hopes for a fantastic 2021! If you would like to learn more about Sociabble Trees, or how Sociabble can help your company with its communication needs, we’re happy to provide a free demo.