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Renault Group Doubled Its Reach in Employee Advocacy

Despite a challenging year, the Renault Group was able to adapt to new circumstances, and has succeeded in expanding its visibility on social networks significantly. Positive results were made possible thanks to a solid Employee Advocacy program, which managed to double its reach over the course of 2020.

Successfull employee advocacy program

Given the considerable variety of its activities and its products, brand recognition and identity have become important issues for the company.

Successful employee advocacy program: How can an international and extremely diverse company solidify the coherence and unity of the overall group?

In 2016, a project was launched to empower the group’s employees to help convey a consistent brand image and messaging, aligned with the corporate strategy. Being aware that this fresh communication directive would have to take advantage of new platforms and technologies—social media and mobile networks, in particular—the communication teams decided it best to deploy an Employee Advocacy program.

Example of a successful employee advocacy program

The basic objectives of this Employee Advocacy program can be summarized as follows:

The Renault Group wanted a tool that could aggregate attractive content from different sources. Users needed to be able to find, react to, and easily share content that was relevant or of interest to them, on a single platform, while still helping to increase the visibility of the Renault Group content across social networks.

In light of these criteria, Sociabble’s proposal quickly convinced the Renault Group.

Available on mobile and on the web in a host of languages, designed for the aggregation and sharing of rich and visually-branded content across social networks, and open to the creation of user generated content—not to mention its administrative and engagement features—the Sociabble platform provided an effective solution.

Effective employee advocacy program


The key for a successful employee advocacy program: Exclusive and high-quality content for ambassadors

Today, for the 1,200 employees involved in its Employee Advocacy program, the Renault Group offers a version of the Sociabble platform in the brand’s own colors called “Share It!” The Renault Group publishes quality content there, covering all its major subjects.

Diverse and active ambassadors

Because Sociabble is simple and intuitive, fifteen minutes of training are sufficient to ensure an operational command of the platform.

The pimary mobile communication tool for the Renault Group

On a day to day basis, ambassadors use the “Share It !” platform wherever they are: in the field, the factory, or the office.

More than a flow of information, it’s an engagement tool

To ensure the involvement of its users on its platform, the Renault Group has relied on the many engagement features included with Sociabble. First place in share of voice By equipping hundreds of employees with an Employee Advocacy platform, the Renault Group quickly laid the foundations for an innovative and effective program.

In 2020, “Share It! “, coupled with the content it offers and the partnership between the Renault Group and Sociabble teams, has practically doubled the reach of its Employee Advocacy program.

And the initiative’s performance data, consolidated in real time on the platform, makes it possible to adjust the strategy for specific campaigns as they are rolled out, for maximum results. If you’d like to learn more about this example of a successful Employee Advocacy program, you can access all our case studies here.