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Leading Platforms Join Forces on a Combined Curation, Employee Advocacy and Social Selling Offer

Sociabble Curation Powered by Leading Platforms Join Forces on a Combined Curation, Employee Advocacy and Social Selling Offer

Incorporate content curation into social media and employee advocacy initiatives

How helps you with curated content in social media?

Sociabble Curation Powered by is a new offer that enables companies to incorporate intelligent content curation into their employee advocacy and social selling initiatives.

Simple and intuitive, the software makes it easy for Sociabble administrators to scan the web for fresh third-party content; with the added ability to hone in on that which is pertinent to their users. The curation platform’s smart content intelligence engine crawls more than 35 million web pages every day. It filters posts according to specific keywords and other advanced criteria such as language, content type, and source. With a user base of over 3.5 million,’s machine learning technology pulls up pertinent results and prioritizes posts according to relevance, as well as individuals’ previous selections.

The combination of curated content and employee advocacy: all in one!

Sociabble aggregates brand, third-party and user-generated content onto themed channels from which employees can share on social media. Users can create dedicated channels for internal communication and insight-only content, such as market or competitive intelligence.

The integration of enables platform administrators to curate third-party content relating directly to company products and services; as well as wider industry trends and developments. Companies using the combined Sociabble and offer create topic-specific searches, which they can configure using a wide range of criteria. Administrators then select the content that will be added to corresponding feeds. Sociabble then links these feeds to content channels. When curating content, administrators can edit the title, description, and image associated with each post. feeds and the corresponding Sociabble channels can also be made according to specific user groups. This allows administrators to carry out content curation with end users in mind.

An example of curated content in social media strategy

For example, dedicated searches and channels can be created for social selling topics. This allows for the curation of content that helps commercial teams stay up to date with online conversations, contextualize messages, and nurture prospects on social media. “Successful content marketing requires support throughout the entire company. But while there are plenty of opportunities for employees to participate such as sharing and curating content, making it easy and compelling for employees to participate in large global corporations is definitely a challenge. We’re delighted to partner with Sociabble which has proven its ability to resolve that problem with a widely adopted platform that boosts employee participation in content marketing and social selling”, says Guillaume Decugis, Co-Founder & CEO of

With Sociabble Curation Powered by, two leading platforms have joined forces to provide a powerful content curation solution that enhances employee advocacy and social selling programs. This partnership also empowers companies using the Sociabble platform to complement aggregation of brand and user-generated content, with curation of highly relevant third-party content from

Sociabble Curation Powered by Leading Platforms Join Forces on a Combined Curation, Employee Advocacy and Social Selling Offer

Sociabble, social selling software and more!

Sociabble is the leading provider of social selling software. Our unique platform organizes brand, third-party, and user-generated content onto themed channels. Users then share on social media and administrators can track subsequent traffic and lead generation. Available natively for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone, Sociabble features include gamification, newsletters, calls-to-action, advanced analytics, lead tracking, and individual performance dashboards. The platform also integrates with a number of CRM, curation, listening and retargeting tools, including Office 365, Salesforce, and RadiumOne.

Used in over 60 countries, Sociabble’s client base includes companies from multiple sectors including; energy, tech and communications, finance, government, education, and media. At Sociabble we’re transforming the way companies communicate and conduct business.

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